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More space for living through professional improvement services.

  Jones Property  Solutions, LLC is a company based in Williamsburg, Virginia.  We offer maintenance, modification, and management services to help you keep your property functional and beautiful.  From handyman repairs and installations to home renovations, we can help make the most of your living spaces.  Going on vacation or renting your property? Let us take the stress and inconvenience out of the equation.    

How Can We Help You?

With a friendly and thorough consultation, together we can find ways to maintain and improve the function of your home.

Proudly serving Virginia's Historic Triangle



Do you have a few issues around your property that need fixing?  Every home needs maintenance in order to perform and look at its best, but the process is often inconvenient for you and your family.  Life is busy.  Jones Property Solutions offers handyman services and can develop a home maintenance program to best fit your needs.  Take a few items off your list and find more space for living.  


Thinking about making some changes?Living spaces are often best enhanced through creative, thoughtful design and professional execution.  Jones Property Solutions can help you achieve your vision of new closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.   Additionally, our Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) will work to find even the smallest solutions that make life easier.  In the landscape, we can design beautiful and functional spaces to enjoy.


Concerned by the inconvenience of managing your rental property or having family and friends look after your home while away?   From staging and leasing to ongoing maintenance, Jones Property Solutions can help uphold the value of your rental property.  Leave your home with peace of mind that systems are well understood and that risks are effectively managed.  Best of all, we can maintain or modify your home and often have it done when you return.  



Jones Property Solutions, LLC is a local company offering improvement services for your entire property.  Born from a passion for sharing good design along with years of skill development in home improvement, landscape architecture, and property management, we strive to be a reliable and convenient answer to your property needs.  The company is a Virginia state licensed home improvement contractor (lic. #2705162325), and Patrick is also a licensed Landscape Architect (lic. #0406001538) and Certified Age-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), so Jones Property Solutions takes a unique approach to problem solving and aesthetics.  From the smallest handyman project to complete home site redesign, we give you more space for living.


Patrick Jones, owner, is a lifelong tinkerer.  From building models as a child to designing miles of stream restoration as a Landscape Architect, he has always been eager to understand how things work.  This led to a 10+ year history of renovation projects inside, outside, and around homes.  With degrees from both the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech, his background includes a number of areas, such as environmental science, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and home improvement.  Patrick grew up in Williamsburg and has a deep-seated desire to contribute to the community.  

Williamsburg, Virginia


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